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Media Training 

Our professional media training experts are highly experienced in coping with the pressures that can be present when dealing with mainstream media outlets such as TV and Radio. In today’s media hungry world, Senior Executives and PR Managers are increasingly being called upon to speak directly with these media outlets and often lack the necessary skills to give confident and meaningful interviews.

Our course has been developed to give top tips from experts on how to deal with factors such as awkward questioning whilst providing confidence boosters and training programmes delivered by ex BBC presenters. The bespoke training course can be held either in our private hire studio or at your offices, dependent on your requirements. 

Our media training courses can be developed for just one person or can be adapted to cater for much larger groups. Each course will successfully equip you and your team for confident media engagement. 

The training is further enhanced with our technical expertise, offering the facilities to film, record sound for radio interview simulations that provides instant playback in order for you to see how you behave and react, offering even more opportunities to improve and critique themselves.

Presentation Training Course

AG Studios have long been delivering professional presenting training courses to executives and managers required to give speeches and presentations at large events, meetings and in front of camera.

We help train you and your staff to gain confident presentation skills to both a live audience using PowerPoint slides or in front of the camera. Our Ex BBC presenter is on hand to offer advice, and our filming kit is on hand to capture how you present. Instant playback means you can observe your own mannerisms and habits which are then discussed with a one to one trainer.

Presenting Training Course Results

In order to provide a confidence building result, we record a short fictional presentation of yourself at the beginning of the day prior to the training course and then again after the course for you to really notice your improvement in just one short day. The file is supplied to you so you are able to refer to it when you return to your office, and of course our confidentiality guidelines means we destroy all footage after the event.