Teleprompter Services Hertfordshire Autocue & Teleprompter Services

Many Corporate clients requiring a “piece to camera” from their CEO or Department Head, use our autocue and teleprompter services to facilitate a smooth delivery of their message to staff. The presenter can be provided with the confidence of never forgetting their speech whilst looking straight down the lens of the camera, rather than painfully trying to remember their lines! or looking away from the camera for the next line! The "Autocue" Teleprompter helps provide you with a professional, slick look to the viewer, delivering you the highest quality results. 

Autocue & Teleprompter Operators

We take the hassle out of operating the autocue or teleprompter equipment by supplying a member of our team to undertake the operation for you, helping you and the speaker relax and deliver their professional speech. This personal approach aids the presenter’s delivery, as the operator will adjust the speed of the moving text to fit the speed of the presenters speech, making it sound as natural as possible. The operator can alter the script LIVE as per the presenter requirements, add colours when emphasis is needed on some words and prompts to slow down and stop when reaching the end.

This service can be part of a bolt-on to our filming services, or is widely available to other camera crews and office staff who may use their own film equipment. AG Studios simply sets up the standalone unit in front of the lens of any camera.

We take your speech text from any format and paste it directly into our system, at which point the Autocue Operator will format the files accordingly for the system to run smoothly. 

Available with operator at half day rate £550 + vat
or full day hire periods £950 + vat