Film Transfer DVD CD Duplication Cine Film to DVD or Hard Drive Transfers

AG Studios appreciates your personal 8mm Cine films are extremely valuable to you. We guarantee that your films will not be sent away, but processed in our climate controlled, dust free area in our studio, so there is no risk of your originals being damaged or lost during the transfer process. 

Simply contact us to arrange a convenient time to bring your films into our St Albans studio.

50ft 100ft 150ft 200ft 250ft 300ft 350ft 400ft
£18 £28 £35 £40 £45 £50 £55 £65
  • Minimum charge £65.00
  • Films are transferred either to Hard drive/USB memory stick so you can archive safely and edit it if you wish, or on DVD to watch instantly (your choice)
  • Hard drive supplied by customer = £0
  • Completed digital MP4 files sent via = £0
  • 500GB Hard drive supplied by AG = £60.99
  • 32GB USB Memory stick = £10.99
  • Prices listed exclude VAT

We do not courier or post any of your valuable material! hand to us and we hand back to you!
You are in safe hands with AG Studios - call our studio located in St Albans, Hertfordhire now – 01727 762300
Courier delivery is passed on at cost price should you wish us to arrange.


Transfer Process:

Checking - If your film is broken we will fix it before it goes on the projector and we take out any old joins just in case they come apart. This stops the film jumping when projected. We sometimes get films wound backwards, so we wind them so that they are ready for us to copy them and we will splice new film onto the front of your films if required - all included within the price.

Correcting Problem Film - We look at your film and electronically adjust it to improve the picture looks before it is copied.

Film Cleaning - If your film is dusty or scratched, your projector has usually caused this and static also attracts dust. You can usually see black spots or vertical lines on your film, which are scratches. All films we get in are cleaned to remove any dirt and it also makes the scratches look thinner sometimes. You then get a better picture on your TV and you don't pay any more for it.

Looking After Your Film - it's suggested that you wrap your films to protect them and keep them in a good condition. Try to keep them upright and at the same temperature. You should not throw your films away in case the copy gets damaged or lost.