Hertfordshire Studio Hire Our photographic and film studio, based in St Albans Hertfordshire, is a friendly and relaxed, fully climate controlled studio available for private and commercial hire. 

Our studio is the perfect environment for both professional and amateur photographers and videographers to hire, helping them achieve the finest results for their passion. It has a relaxing carpeted area, complete with drink making facilities, a fridge and depth to ensure you can be a suitable distance from your subject.

Our Hertfordshire studio backdrop measures 8ft width x 10ft height and the photographer can be up to 18ft away from the subject.

Photographic and Video Equipment 

The studio boasts a significant variety of technical equipment to support you during your shoot including: 

  • Portable hard boards that lay on the carpet under the paper backdrop for full length shots
  • Bowens High Glide track system with 4 flash head studio lights for photographers
  • Colorama backdrops (range of colours – priced at £15 per meter used on the floor, no charge if pulling down as just the backdrop
  • Green Screen
  • Video work with sound is best undertaken in evenings or weekends due to daytime noise disruption
  • Photographic hire can be any time

Studio Hire Costs

  • £150 for 2 hours (minimum booking)
  • £195 for half day (4 hours)
  • £350 for full day (8 hours)
  • £75 per hour thereafter

All prices are subject to VAT.


Please feel free to make an appointment to view the studio prior to the shoot to ensure it is suitable for your use.

Here are some mobile phone shots showing the layout and ceiling track studio lighting https://www.facebook.com/share/gnsHqZQqW56krxqr/?mibextid=WC7FNe