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We have developed a brand new concept for kids and adults alike, with our new music video party and don’t worry, there’s no need to sing!

Simply choose your favourite song, outfit or costume, then mime and dance to your heart’s content. Then, using our latest green screen technology, we’ll transport you and your friends in to a whole new world.

Your party host will introduce you to your director and cameraman, and together as a group you will enter our studio for rehearsals and the video shoot – transporting you and your friends into the world of rock and pop!

This new music video party is ideal for friends and family that know how to have fun.

After your amazing 2hr party experience – leave the rest to us! We will edit all the footage together, lip-syncing your great miming to the soundtrack and so creating your very own music video. We can then upload your video to YouTube for the whole world to enjoy!

Our Studio Music Party package includes the following:

  • 2hr experience
  • Video director and cameraman with lighting
  • 2 outfit changes for each guest
  • The music of your choice
  • Party nibbles & refreshments 
  • All files are ready for YouTube upload!

Only £595