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Event Photography

Corporate and Social Events are a prime source of photography for marketing shots, further adding value to the event for organisers, as well as providing a wonderful memory of the event for the end client. We capture the great atmosphere and, by using our eye for detail, are able to create exceptional imagery. 

The photography can be both candid and non-intrusive, the results of which are natural rather than staged imagery. We produce the best shots ranging from couples, friends and work colleagues to both large and small groups at the event. Simply let us know what style you and your clients like.

Event planners can bolster their marketing photo library with people and group shots that carry no additional royalty payments for multiple use. The end client too can also enjoy the high resolution images with copyright usage permissions supplied web link to download all, or a gallery that can be shared with delegates. 

Our teams on site printing capability is extremely popular. AG Studios can photograph guests against a backdrop, on the red carpet or simply have us roaming around the venue. We can then print 8" x 6" images in a stunningly fast 20 seconds per print that make the perfect gift to give to guests at the event itself. 

Regular clients include ABTA, Institute of Travel and Tourism, Beyond Certainty, Dellar Davies, and Hilton Hotels


Award Ceremony Photography

Professional photography at the award ceremony provides a perfect memory for organisers and the award ceremony hosts. Our photographs capture the look and feel of the décor along with the lighting and atmosphere delivering the great moments and reactions from people throughout the event. 

With many years of experience, we ensure the stage shots of the presenter and award winner are captured quickly and professionally during the awards, incorporating the company logo / branding on stage wherever possible. Crowd reactions, walk-ups and further winners photos with groups can also be taken in another area, perhaps against a supplied step and repeat logo board. In addition, we can provide instant printing if required, or instant file transfer of the image files for immediate upload to your social media outlets.


Conference Photography

National and International Conferences are an important aspect to the Corporate calendar. Conference photography captures the keynote speakers, break-out rooms and the overall atmosphere and flavour of the event, helping organisations to further promote their attendance.

We are proud to boast some of the country’s largest companies amongst our portfolio, having travelled around the world capturing exquisite conference photography that companies have used time and time again on their promotional materials. 

Our experience really shows in the images, capturing logos and branding as part of the shots, providing discreet photography with no flash ensures the main plenary room is never interrupted.

Instant upload / supply of images is common so the company’s PR department, press or social media outlet can give real time and up to date news stories and announcements as they happen.

Our regular clients include ABTA, International Travel and Tourism, McDonalds, Rentokill, Hovis, Britvic, Mercedes. BBC, UK Government, Roche, Hilton Hotels and Google

PR & Promotional Photography

With years of experience, our PR and Promotional Photography services has supported both Public Sector and Blue Chip organisations to enhance their brand and public image. 

Our images have been used across a range of PR and promotional activities from brochures and are shot in such a way that they ensure your brand is captured in the best possible light. From local councils to the BBC Strictly Come Dancing studio.

We are proud to include Councils, Virgin Atlantic, First Capital connect, Morgan Stanley and GSK amongst our client portfolio.