Filming Video Editing Film & Video Editing

We have professional, and approved experience with the Adobe Creative Suite editing suite software. The edit MacBook Pro laptop is available for hire with your own professional video editor. You are the Director and we operate the software helping you to enhance your own film project.

All formats from full broadcast specification 4K to consumer camcorder tapes can be handled and transferred to our edit system. We have developed a split level service to fulfil the needs of both corporate and non-corporate clients. The corporate service is available to deliver the most complex broadcast projects working from off-line edit lists.


Simply bring your footage to the AG Studio in any format and we can load the files securely on to our servers. We ensure complete confidentiality for all your footage content and operate a clear “destroy once finished” policy, which covers both our Corporate and non-corporate clients.

Film, Video & Sound Enhancements

You can go further with your editing by including music tracks of your choice, special graphics, animation and even sound effects to deliver the professional finish you need. Both sound and picture can be enhanced; we can even remove that irritating hum in the background of your footage or isolate unwanted sounds, such as car horns, whilst someone is carrying out a "piece to camera"

The final output can be supplied in any format to best suit your existing systems.

Just £135 + VAT per hour via our Macbook Pro on location or in our studio.